Who We Are

Kalshea Commodities Inc. have been an industry leading Canadian Grain Exporting company dealing in Pulse Crops and Specialty Grains for over 20 years. Founded by Darwin Hamilton Kalshea Commodities Inc. has grown to be one of the industries’ top special crop, and bird food marketing firms, supplying Canadian Flax Seed, Canary Seed and other grains to markets in over 35 countries worldwide. Transitioning from one of the largest Canadian Sunflower Exporters, over the past several years Kalshea has established themselves as one of the leading High Quality Canadian Flax Seed Exporters.

What we do

Kalshea Commodities Inc. takes pride in their relationship with regional farmers, purchasing grain directly from producers throughout Canada. Kalshea Commodities has partnerships with several well respected, and strategically located grain processors throughout Canada, and U.S.A making it convenient to distribute high quality Pulses, and Specialty crops by rail and road shipments to all major ports.


Flax Council
Manitoba Food Processors
National Sunflowers Association of Canada
Global Pulse Confederation
csca_logo Canadian Special Crops Association
Wild Bird Feeding Industry